TMC leader threatens ISF workers to join his party if they want jobs

TMC leader threatens ISF workers to join his party if they want jobs


Even after almost two months of Mamata Banerjee returning to power in West Bengal, the violence by TMC against opposition parties continues. While the large-scale attack on BJP workers in the state continues, the party has chosen to attack other parties also that contested against it in the assembly elections. In the recent incident of the same, a TMC leader threatened the supporters and workers of the Indian Secular Front (ISF) that if they join the TMC, they will not get the benefits of govt schemes.

Modasser Hossain, panchayat head of Bhogali-II panchayat in Bhangar in South 24 Parganas, made controversial comments on Tuesday. During the inauguration of a party office in the Katalia region, Modasser Hossain said that those working for other parties have to surrender to the ruling party if they are willing to find work under the 100-days’ job scheme.

He said that people who had joined the Pirzada Abbas Siddiqui led ISF should pledge allegiance to the Trinamool Congress, if they hope to get jobs under the scheme. “Activists who had worked for other parties during the elections after having taken all facilities from us will not be considered unless they surrender to us. Those who worked for the ISF during elections will have to show their allegiance to the ruling party,” he said.

Hossain said that those who had voted for ISF will have to surrender to us, else they will have to go to Furfura to get 100 days’ jobs. Pirzada Abbas Siddiqui, the founder of the ISF, belongs to the Furfura Sharif, a holy place for Bengali Muslims.

“Our workers will not accept that we will provide jobs, roads and other services and you will be roaming around”, The TMC leader added. He also added even if non-TMC members go to the BDO office to get jobs under the scheme, that will be useless. He said, ‘some people are saying they will go to the BDO office, but I am saying you don’t have to go to the BDO office, because we control everything.’

TMC leader Modasser Hossain is known for making such provocative speeches. Before the West Bengal elections, he had said that only TMC voters will be allowed to vote at the polling booths. He had said that except Trinamool workers and supporters, no one can cast their votes in his area. Hossain had said that the supporters of the other parties need not go to the polling booths as they will not be allowed to enter and vote. He had said that although booths will be guarded by central forces, TMC workers will be patrolling the streets and they won’t allow non-TMC voters to move.


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