Transferring Funds From India To US? Know The Best Options

Transferring Funds From India To US? Know The Best Options


Indians are one of the biggest immigrant groups with a strong and influential economic base in the United States. Both countries being on the same page of technological advancement and with intermeshing of business policies, individuals can transfer money from India to USA in a hassle-free manner. In the article we will discuss about some of the reliable ways to send money from India to USA and other pertinent things to keep in mind while conducting international monetary transactions.

Can money transfer take place from India to the US?

Transfer of money from India to USA has a different framework compared to other countries. In the context of financial systems of India and USA, the money transfer transactions are known as foreign exchange. Foreign exchange services can be done for the below given purposes:

•          Higher Education and Study Abroad

•          Emigration

•          Transfer of funds to relatives for maintenance purposes

•          Medical Visits

•          Investments in Equities and Foreign Stocks

•          Gifting options and donations


Important Note:  Trading transactions and lotteries are not allowed in the money transfer system between India and USA.

Due to the bipartition efforts, the Indian government introduced Liberalized Remittance Scheme, under which money can be sent from India to USA up to a maximum limit of USD 2,50,000 per annum. So for all practical purposes, transfer of money from India to USA can be done in a swift and convenient way, provided that the intentions behind the transfer checkout in the legal mechanism. Individuals can use online services for transferring funds from India to USA.

Some amazing ways to send to transfer money from India to US

Sending money overseas can be done in different ways. Some of the parameters that can differentiate the service quality of different money transfer companies/apps are simplicity, decreased commission charges and swiftness. Let us go through 3 great ways to send funds from India to USA:

1. Online Money Transfer (OMT) Services

Due to the increased demand for services of money transfer, many entrepreneurs have seized upon the chance and are providing services which specialise in foreign exchange. Gone are the days when Forex services are provided by the arcane ways of a banking institution. Big banks have become lethargic in offering a dynamic systems platform for money transfer. The modern age Forex transfer services ensure that all the financial precautions and ensure the integrity of the monetary transfer.

Online money transfer services offer amazing exchange rates which are directly sourced from Reuters and transfer the amount after a reasonable commission has been charged. The financial technology is rapidly evolving with increased broadband internet and secure communications. Thanks to the increased encryption standards of the modern online money transfer organizations, you can now send money from India to USA from the comfort of your home. Use online services for transferring money from India to USA for guarantee safety and peace of mind.

Various benefits of Online Money Transfer Services

a. Swift Transfers

Completing the transfer transaction quickly is important for senders as the beneficiary is waiting for the money. Using online money transfer services, you can transfer money from India to USA from 15 minutes to a couple of hours in majority of the cases.

b. Highly Convenient

Vising a brick and mortar financial transfer service to send money from India to USA can drain your precious time resources. With the help of online transfer services, you can conduct the financial transaction within the convenience of your home or office. All your need is a stable Internet connection and personal computer smart phone or laptop. Sending money through online transfer services has a high degree of convenience which cannot be matched by institutional transfer services.

c. Low Fees

Due to technological edge, the online money transfer agents charge low amount of fees compared to the brick and mortar businesses.

2. Foreign Exchange Demand Draft

Simplicity and flexibility are the main distinctive features of sending money through demand drafts. A Demand draft is a highly popular way to send money from India to USA as they are perceived as genuine monetary instruments by nearly all financial organizations in America. Demand drafts have increased in financial use over the years due to their widespread resilience in the banking and monetary system, in addition to being highly liquid instruments.

To draw a demand draft, you need to meet your bank representative and put in an application for a demand draft. The requisite information such as the amount to be transferred and the information of the account holder will be asked. After charging certain fees that will be debited from the sender’s checking account, the bank will assign a demand draft which can be sent to the specific person in America.

The whole process of using a demand draft to transfer money from India to USA is highly streamlined, as this is a traditional form of money transfer which offers a great degree of safety and trust. However, one significant drawback is the processing time taken to prepare a demand draft. Hence this process is recommended to only those who have time to spare and not particularly tech-savvy.        

Things to be taken into account when transferring money from India to US

Exchange rates:

These rates can shoot up based on market fluctuations and geo-political considerations. Freezing the interest rate at the right time can help you to hedge your exchange rate risk. Currency conversions are the single most important attribute that needs specialized services during money transfer.

Speed of transfer:

Sending money through digital technology is a safe and convenient way to transfer money from India to USA. The business model of the money transfer companies focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction by offering instantaneous transfer of funds up to a certain limit.


You can transfer money from India to USA using online money transfer service which is not only convenient but are also time efficient. You can utilize the services of online money transfer service to send money from India to USA to the beneficiaries by paying only low and reasonable commission amounts. The major highlight of online money transfer services is that you no longer need to stand in serpentine queues in this present alarming pandemic scenario, waiting for the transaction to go through.



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