Twitter removes distorted map of India from its career page after outrage

Twitter removes distorted map of India from its career page after outrage


Twitter has quietly removed the world map from its career page which contained distorted map of India amid outrage.

Twitter career page

Earlier, right where the above portion is, an interactive world map appeared which had pinned various locations of offices in which India’s map was distorted.

India’s distorted map on Twitter’s career page

As one can see, portions of Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir were detached from the map of India.

Now when one scrolls down, the map portion is removed and directly countries and cities as location appears on the career page.

This is not the first time Twitter was has been caught using a distorted map of India. In October 2020, national security analyst Nitin A Gokhale found that Twitter had labelled the Indian territory of Leh in Ladakh as part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). This was just weeks after India’s standoff with China at Galwan Valley, Ladakh. Back then, too, Twitter had later changed the map after apologising.

Twitter vs Govt of India

Recently, Twitter has locked horns with Government of India over the newly amended IT laws which makes it mandatory for social media platforms to take steps to ensure complaints raised against them are solved within prescribed period. Conditions like the appointment of an interim grievance officer and other regulations have irked the social media giant. By not following the regulations, Twitter has already lost its legal protection it enjoyed against content posted on the platform.

Twitter has till now not issued any apology or explanation on use of distorted map of India on its career page.


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