VIDEO: How to use PDF Patterns

VIDEO: How to use PDF Patterns


Summer is brewing here in Texas and I’m ready to wear shorts!
Today is our official last day of school! And that means….We will have a HIGH SCHOOLER next year. Ahhh. Lucy (in the middle below) graduated from Middle School this week. Owen grew about three inches during this quarantine (and his voice dropped a whole octave…which I guess makes sense since he’s TWELVE?!).
And Clara just finished 2nd grade. Tear.
It’s safe to say that those baby legs are gone and growing up.

In a weird way this quarantine time has reminded me a lot of when the kids were little—of this snapshot in time. I think it’s the slower pace of our schedule, and the fact that we’re not driving to 20 activities or play dates/hang outs. I really love having no commitments, and instead to have the schedule back on my terms (so I can get all those good sewing projects and brownie making sessions in? You betcha).  I know the world is starting to open back up again, and that has some goodness and complications to it. But I kind of wish we could stay a little more insular as a family, just tinkering away at projects and reading books.
And sewing a quilt?? (check out my quilting journey on instagram)

This time has totally energized me to sew more and do things I haven’t done in a while. I guess I’ve realized how easily I can get lost in my work, and how much I enjoy that. And now I’m totally rambling. Who am I kidding?? I totally need to be around people…for the sake of my family. I think they’re sick of me! And I’m dying to go out on a real date again to the movie theater. Casey and I try to do that often (in our normal life) and I’m totally missing it. Some day life will resume.

So….have you been sewing too???
It seems to be the Covid hobby.

I know many of you purchased the Bonbon Pets pattern last month, which is awesome (don’t forget there’s a new video for sewing the Bonbons!).
And many of you are gearing up for KID Shorts, and Summer Day Tops, and maybe a little Parfait Pouch.
Can you see where this is going?
Let’s talk about PDF Patterns!

I’ve always wanted to have a video that explains exactly how to print and use PDF patterns, which is how you access patterns from my shop (and other free ones on my site). All my patterns print to Standard US Letter size, or A4 size paper, and then you piece them together. Bam, what?
It’s easy to do. We’ll walk through the simple steps together.

Just hit the play button below, or watch it on my channel here.

And in case your neck of the woods is the opposite of shorts weather, we’ve got you covered too. Everyday Sweatshirt time!

Have a great weekend friends!
And keep on keeping on.
Check out my shop for PDF patterns seen in this post.
And check out my Youtube Channel for other projects ideas.


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