Video of rapper MC Kode insulting Hinduism goes viral on social media

Video of rapper MC Kode insulting Hinduism goes viral on social media


Social media websites are awash with an old video of a popular rapper MC Kode wherein he is seen abusing Hindu beliefs and Hindu epics.

A short clip of the video, which was released on YouTube on 12 June 2016, suddenly started doing the rounds on the internet after it was discovered that rapper MC Kode, also known as Aditya Tiwari, had made deprecating remarks against Hindus in it. The video is about a rap battle between two contestants in which MC Kode is seen insulting the Hindu epic of Mahabharata and the cow, an animal considered sacred according to Hinduism.

“…If you are a Hindu, I will f*ck your Gau, I will f*ck your holy cow…I will fu*king masturbate on Mahabharata, Geeta Geeta,” MC Kode says in the video.

Aditya Tiwari, who has MC Kode as his stage name, is a rap artist based out of New Delhi. For years, he has been hosting, participating, and judging rap battles across many states, including Mumbai, Gujarat, Guwahati, Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh & Haryana.

Stand-up comedians, YouTubers insult Hindus and Hinduism

Of late, abusing Hindus and Hindu beliefs have become a norm in the country. Be it stand-up comedians, Bollywood artists, YouTubers and now the rap performers, insulting Hindus and mocking their beliefs has been considered as par for the course. Last year, the so-called stand-up comedian Agrima Joshua’s old video had gone viral in which she was seen mocking the memorial built to the revered Hindu icon Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

The viral video spawned a massive controversy as the MNS workers stormed the studio where the gig was performed and vandalised it. The blowback from the controversy inevitably spilt into the entire stand-up comedian industry, with comedians getting exposed for making crass jokes on Hindus and Hinduism. The criticism led the comedians to deactivate and purge their accounts of past Hinduphobic content for the fear of being brought to reckoning.

In August 2020, an Islamist YouTuber ‘Heer Khan’ released a video wherein she abused Hindu Gods and Goddesses, refers to Goddess Sita as r*ndi and Ayodhya as who*ehouse.


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