Way Back Wednesday – Messy

Way Back Wednesday – Messy


(Originally posted on June 15, 2018.)

My closet was a mess.

I had started tucking in items that didn’t have a home. It got to where I would open the closet and then shut it again because I just couldn’t face the mess. My day-to-day routine was suffering because my important everyday items didn’t have a place anymore. They’d been gradually pushed out onto a counter and corner floorspace (where I’d knock them over or trip over them). Didn’t do much for my attitude.

messy room

So I planned a clean day where I removed everything from my closet and open areas of the bedroom. I sorted everything and dejunked. Then I put away all my daily and weekly used items in the most convenient spaces. Everything else got tucked in less important space or packed in our storage bins under the house (for out-of-season or “later” items).

I got up this morning and everything I needed was available and easy to use. I saved a good amount of time (and a fair amount of sanity).

Less chaos. More time to spend doing the things I love with the people I love.

Messiness might not seem like a marriage issue, but if it’s impacting your daily life, making it more difficult, it can easily stress you and your relationships. It can make you late (where are my keys?). It can add stress to your day (that paper is here somewhere). It can make your housework more difficult (and who needs to spend more time on that?). And the clutter just looks messy and reduces everyone’s sense of calm.

I encourage y’all to baby step your way through your home (starting with your bedroom) and clean and organize your belongings. Get rid of a few things and give the most important space to the things you use every day or weekly.

Enjoy the calmer spaces and ease of use.

You’re the boss of clutter, not the other way around. Monika Kristofferson

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