‘Weaving Tides’ Stitches a Path Through Textile Landscapes

‘Weaving Tides’ Stitches a Path Through Textile Landscapes


Weaving Tides gives you a carpet dragon you can use to fly through a woven world, using your ribbon tail to tie up cloth creatures and clear up puzzles.

Your parents are missing somewhere in a hand-stitched world. So, grab one of the game’s weavers and start adding to the design while you search for them. It’s not often that you get to weave beautiful fabrics while conducting a missing person search, after all, and here, you’re expected to thread various patterns to solve puzzles. If some nasty fabric creature tries to give you some trouble, you can wrap them up in ribbon until they calm down a bit. Nothing can’t be fixed in this world without a little attention and some yarn or thread.

Weaving Tides

Being made with weaving in mind, it would be a shame not to give folks some outlet for their creativity, so the game offers a playground mode where you’re free to create your own patterns. You unlock various ribbon colors during the campaign, and these can be brought into this mode so you can try out your designs here. It’s a nice little addition that will let you try out those weaving ideas you’ve had in your head without having to come up with the money for the materials.

Weaving Tides‘s woven world is something to see, and will make for a lovely journey throughout it as you look for your parents. So long as you don’t get too tied up trying to tie up the game’s dungeons in pretty bows.

Weaving Tides is available now on the Nintendo eShop and Steam.


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