Weekly Horoscope, July 4 – July 10: Gemini, Cancer, Taurus, and other signs — check astrological prediction

Weekly Horoscope, July 4 – July 10: Gemini, Cancer, Taurus, and other signs — check astrological prediction


ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr. 20)
You are in a bright and breezy spell. You may have a brain-wave very soon, but do remember that you’ll probably have to include friends and associates in your plans in the end. Oh – and always take others into account, especially if you really do need their support.

TAURUS (Apr. 21 – May 21)
The placid Taurean may be kind, considerate and generous to a fault, but even you may be getting tired of other people’s demands. On the other hand, it’s always best to keep your cool and let partners have their say. A family stalemate may not be resolved before next week.

GEMINI (May 22 – June 21)
Certain delays are sending you the obvious message to slow down, so I must advise you to take your time. By the end of the week you will once again be obliged to swing into action. Romantic stars look most favourable around the middle of next month, so don’t rush in to new situations now.

CANCER (June 22 – July 23)
It’s time for some deep thinking about who you are and where you’re going. In the past you have had little time for anything other than your long-term aims, comfort and security. Yet now, more than ever, you need to concentrate on those little details that go to making up the larger picture.

LEO (July 24 – Aug. 23)
You have five weeks to get your act together, after which you must crank yourself into top gear. A word for Leos with professional schemes on the go: your stars have never been better. Don’t waste your chances! Financially, you may set yourself up for the next six months, taking care not to risk any recent gains.

VIRGO (Aug. 24 – Sept. 23)
Suddenly the gap between thought and action seems to be growing. Some very odd events have taken place recently and you may have felt a loss of control. The answer lies within! If you are waiting to take the romantic initiative, leave it as late as you can.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 – Oct. 23)
Languid Libra, the lover of luxury – that’s what some people call you. You have a reputation for laziness which you may indulge while you can. Social trends begin to pick up after a period when you may have felt slightly confused, despondent even.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 – Nov. 22)
Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means that you like to keep all the best things as they are – and good for you! Yet at work and in all your worldly ambitions you may now be urged to make the second ‘U’ turn in as many weeks. If you’re in love, wait until the end of the week before making your feelings known.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 – Dec. 22)
What is now taking place in your professional life, or a partner’s public affairs, will be profoundly affected by your sense of timing. Yet opportunities will not be lost, but merely postponed. At work, please do realise that other people have rights as well as you!

CAPRICORN (Dec. 23 – Jan. 20)
A whole clutch of planets is gradually moving through very sensitive regions of your horoscope, making it much easier for you to express yourself in public and get your own way with people in authority. When you look at your family relationships you can see that connections with older people now need a little improvement.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 – Feb. 19)
Perhaps you should pay more attention to your own interests and desires. There is a limit to what you can do for the world in general, and you are tempted to say that enough is enough. It is just not right when people come back to you with their hands outstretched for more.

PISCES (Feb. 20 – Mar 20)
You should be full of energy after recent celestial patterns, but in view of your delicate constitution I’d still advise you against overdoing it. If you have burnt the candle at both ends, you’re now feeling the effects, and a rest is in order. A cash crisis should be averted, if you focus on the facts.


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