Windows 11 event live blog: All the big news as it happens

Windows 11 event live blog: All the big news as it happens



Let us know your thoughts on Windows 11 so far and what you’d like to see, as you can tweet us @tomsguide. And make sure to follow us for all the best tech news, updates, reviews, guides and a whole lot more. 

And all that’s got us thinking that a major UI change to Windows could filter down to an interface refresh for the Xbox Series X, which is arguably looking a little less than next-gen at the moment. 

If you’re into gaming but want to keep your Windows desktop or laptop strictly for work, then the Xbox Series X is the way to go. And as luck would have it the Xbox Series X is available to order on Amazon UK right now. U.S. readers, check out our Xbox Series X restock guide so be in with a chance of getting Microsoft’s flagship console. 

If you head to the Windows event page you can set yourself a reminder to tune in, so you can watch the action unfold, as well as join us here for the ride. The event will almost certainly stream on Microsoft’s YouTube channel as well.

While your waiting for Windows 11 news, why not check out our guide to the Steam Summer sale 2021, as you’re sure to find a game at a bargain price for your Windows machine. 

And if you want to game in style then these are our picks for the best gaming PCs. But road warriors might want to check out one of the best gaming laptops

The Windows Twitter account has just tweeted a teaser video for the event, which seems to suggest that it will touch upon touchscreen controls. 

Arguably, touch controls are one of the weaker parts of the Windows experience. So perhaps Microsoft has taken a leaf out of Apple’s iPadOS playbook and optimized Windows 11 for better touch interactions. 

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Best Laptops: Dell XPS 15

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

All’s quiet on the last-minute leaks front, so we’re pondering the best Windows laptops you can buy right now, ready for a Windows 11 update. 

Of course, the leaks ahead of the reveal have come think and fast, from a full leak to early benchmarks that tease a performance boost

But we advise you avoid the leaked version for the time being. best wait for a full release or at least a stable beta. 

And here’s what we expect to see from the Windows 11 event

If you want to follow the Microsoft announcement live today, then check out our how to watch the Windows 11 event guide

What would you like to see from Windows 10? We’d certainly like to see a slightly cleaner UI and some improvements to notifications. And anything that can be done to improve gaming performance on Windows, would also be appreciated. 

The big changes visual to Windows 11 will be a centered start menu and a new user interface, that looks rather like macOS. This has already split opinions, and our own Marshall Honorof believes Windows 11 looks like a solution in search of a problem

Best video chat apps

(Image credit: Skype)

Apparently, Windows 11 will see Skype left put in the cold when it comes to pre-installed software. That’s according to analysis of a leaked build of Windows 11. We’d take this with a pinch of salt, but as Slack seems to be one of the more popular instant messaging tools for work, we’d not be surprised if Skype wasn’t as popular as it once was, and thus is a candidate for Microsoft’s the cutting floor. 

So it won’t be long before we see what’s next for Windows. And Microsoft chief product officer Panos Pany seems excited. Could we see new Surface hardware as well? It’s not likely, but you never know. 

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