Wrestler Vinesh Phogat temporarily suspended for indiscipline at Olympics

Wrestler Vinesh Phogat temporarily suspended for indiscipline at Olympics


The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) has temporarily suspended Vinesh Phogat on charges of indiscipline during the Tokyo Olympics. Vinesh Phogat has time till August 16 to reply to the notice. The notice mentions indiscipline on three counts.

Vinesh Phogat had reportedly refused to stay at the Games Village, train with other Indian athletes and also did not wear the official sponsors of the Indian Contingent and chosen to wear Nike instead. She crashed out of the Tokyo Olympics during quarterfinals.

“This is gross indiscipline. She has been suspended temporarily and barred from all wrestling activities. She can’t compete in any national or other domestic event until she files a reply and WFI takes a final decision,” a WFI source told PTI. “WFI was pulled up by IOA why can’t they control their athletes. IOA is issuing a notice to WFI in this regard,” the WFI source stated.

“She did not train with any of the Indian wrestlers. It appeared as if she had come with the Hungary team and had nothing to do with the Indian contingent. One day her timing clashed with the training timings of the Indian girls and she chose not to train at the same arena with them,” the official said.

The source said such actions were “unacceptable” and it is not how senior wrestlers are expected to behave.

19 year old Sonam Malik also received a notice. The source said, “These kids think, they have become star wrestlers and are entitled to do anything. Before leaving for Tokyo either Sonam or her family are supposed to collect their passport from the WFI office.”

“But she ordered SAI officials to collect on her behalf. This is not acceptable. They have achieved nothing and are showing attitude. This will not be accepted,” the source stated.

Vinesh Phogat had trained in Hungary with coach Woller Akos and had travelled to Tokyo from there. She also reportedly resorted to a ruckus when she was allotted a room near Indian athletes, claiming that she may get infected by the Coronavirus since the other three had travelled to Tokyo from India.


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